Canadian Owls

General owl information is widespread throughout books and the internet. As such, The Owl Foundation has provided several valuable links to alternate resources on our Links Page. That said, there are some interesting behaviours, habits and other points that we have noted since first delving into the world of owls. Many of these are lesser known tidbits. We are very excited to share them with you.

Below is a list of Canada's owl species. Most are currently housed at TOF. Each page includes information, photos and vocalizations of that species. Just select the owl you are interested in for a more detailed look.

Barred Owl
(Strix varia)
Great Grey Owl
(Strix nebulosa)
Northern Saw-whet Owl
(Aegolius acadicus)
Boreal Owl
(Aegolius funereus)
Great Horned Owl
(Bubo virginianus)
Short-eared Owl
(Asio flammeus)
Burrowing Owl
(Athene cunicularia)
Long-eared Owl
(Asio otus)
Snowy Owl
(Bubo scandiacus)
Eastern Barn Owl
(Tyto alba)
Northern Hawk Owl
(Surnia ulula)
Spotted Owl
(Strix occidentalis)
Eastern Screech Owl
(Otus asio)
Northern Pygmy Owl
(Glaucidium gnoma)
Western Screech Owl
(Otus Kennicottii)

Flammulated Owl
(Otus flammeolus)


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