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A Dowry of Owls

Author: Larry McKeever
Published by: Lester & Orpen Dennys
ISBN: 0-88619-098-3
Published: 1986
Price: $25.00 CAN anywhere in Canada / $25.00 US anywhere in the United States.

With introduction by Gerald Durrell.
Forward by H.R.H. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.

"In the spring of 1986 some folks bird-watching near Long-Point, on Lake Erie, found a Great Horned Owl that had been killed by a car. A pitiful "hreeping" in the woods nearby led them to an owlet about four weeks old - barely fledged, feeble, and desperately emaciated. Since there was no sign of the other parent, they brought the baby to us.

We kept it in the house for four days to be sure its digestion was all right. Then, before it could imprint on us, we put it in the care of our "Niska" owls, a pair of Great Horned who are wonderful foster parents. When the owlet was about six months old we moved it to the release training cage so it could practise catching mice "on the hoof". Then we had the great joy of releasing it to the woods, where it belongs.

We receive anywhere from six to fifteen baby Great Horned Owls every spring, and almost all can eventually be returned to the wild. What could be more rewarding?"


A Place for Owls

Author: Katherine McKeever
Published by: Cambridge University Press (1987)
Hardcover and Paperback
ISBN hardcover: 0 521 351715
ISBN paperback: 0 521 359694
First Published: 1984
Not Available
This book is on the Ontario Reading List for Grade Four

"'Larry McKeever bounced out of bed, clutching his upper lip. He'd been stung. At least it felt like he'd been stung, probably by a wasp. The 'stinger' was an owl named Tiglet who had pounced on Larry's moustache and yanked as hard as he could.'

Midnight attacks are nothing out of the ordinary for Kay and Larry McKeever whose home in Ontario, Canada has become a refuge for over 100 owls. Kay McKeever devotes her life to owls - she rescues them, shelters them, nurses and releases them. This book is a fascinating and amusing collection of stories about some of the members of their adopted owl family, including Granny, the South American Spectacled owl rescued from a zoo, who makes fostering her specialty.

Although the stories give insight into the habits and behaviour of owls, the book is not a nature study guide. It is an affectionate humorous account of twenty years devotion to the preservation of one species of wildlife - owls owls and more owls."



A Family for Minerva

Author: Katherine McKeever
Published by: Greey de Pencier Books
ISBN: 0-919872-50-6
Published: 1980
Not Available
Children's book

Meet Minerva and Mars, two Snowy owls brought together by unfortunate circumstances, who overcome their problems to build a family.


Care and Rehabilitation of Injured Owls: Fourth Edition

Author: Katherine McKeever
Published by: W.F. Rannie
ISBN: 0-919953-44-1
First Published: 1987

This is a highly useful manual designed specifically for avian rehabilitators. It includes information from transportation, examination and treatment methods to diet and release training methods. It examines the ethical justification for keeping unreleasable owls. The manual also includes cage designs for transient, releasable and breeding owls.

Kay McKeever: A Friend to Owls

Author: Christel Kleitsch
Published by: Pearson Education Canada
ISBN: 0131292641
First Published: 2005
Available through Pearson Education Canada

One in a series of biographies by Reaching Readers Canadian Biographies. Find out how Kay McKeever became interested in owls and how she and those at The Owl Foundation continue to help sick and injured owls. Complete with many wonderful photographs.

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